Here will be a space for you to share your skills, knowledge and experiences with a receptive group of people.  These gatherings are an opportunity to learn about various holistic therapies and a chance to relax from the hustle and bustle of our outside world.

Meetings are held in the Bader Room of the Oakwood Centre, Headley Road, Woodley. RG5 4JB.

Our meetings are held on the nearest Wednesday to the Full moon from 7pm – 9pm and there is a small entrance fee of £3.00.

We have a speaker to talk to us about a different subject at each meeting- so far we’ve had EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), head massage, numerology, yoga, to name but a few. We start and end our evenings with a short meditation and have a ‘tea’ break during our evening – best of all we always endeavour to have a fun time together.


If you wish to contact me, on my email address, I am happy to add you to my mailing list, which means you will receive a newsletter one week before the meeting and one after each meeting to keep everyone informed.

Meetings are held nearest Wednesday to the Full moon

The next meetings will be

on the following Wednesdays:-


13th November2019
11th December2019


8th January2020
12th February2020
11th March2020
8th April2020
6th May2020
3rd June2020
8th July2020
2nd September2020
30th September2020
4th November2020
2nd December2020

I look forward to seeing you